Ladder for home use : Which ladder is best for home use?

Last year, repeated large-scale typhoons hit the Japanese archipelago, causing enormous damage in various parts of the country.

The roof of the building was blown off and leaked, the walls were punctured and the windows were broken. Damage situation and repair situation were published one after another on SNS, etc., but “ladder misuse” was pointed out.

At SNS, misuse of ladders could cause further damage. In that sense, all of us need to know which ladder is best for home use.

Now that we have more time to stay at home before going out, many will want to take this opportunity to do minor repairs, general cleaning and tree gardening. So, I think there will be more opportunities to use stepladders than usual.

How can I use the stepladder safely? We asked Mr Hasegawa Kogyo, a specialized ladder and ladder manufacturer, about the correct use of ladders and the latest situation.

Shirato has the wrong ladder!

“When the average person uses a ladder, the location is almost always wrong,” explains Masaru Sumita from the Hasegawa Kogyo Marketing Department, Public Relations Department.

“Many people work on ladders, but don’t do it because it is dangerous. Stand on top of the ladder (ladder) with the lifting surface facing the work surface and your feet together. I use it to put my sneakers to the side, “says Sumida.

what do you mean? Below is the incorrect and correct use of the stepladder

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Misuse # 1.

It’s easy, but don’t try to straddle the ladder on your work surface. This is because the pulling force on your back can retard your ladder in an unprotected position.

You cannot stand or sit on the top plate. It’s easy to lose your balance and hurt yourself when falling.

This is the correct use. With the lifting surface of the ladder facing towards the work surface, align both feet and place a part of the body such as slippers and the ladder (part of the ladder) on the side of the top plate to stabilize it.

-If the stepladder is positioned in an “A” shape relative to the work surface and used on its side, a large force can be applied to the rear surface and the stepladder may fall, for example when pulling.

Not only is it easy to lose your balance if you straddle or sit on the top plate, but if you fall, the reaction may be delayed or you may fall off your head and lead to a serious accident.

As shown in the correct image above, if you hit the shoes on the side of the top plate with the lifting surface facing the work surface, your body will lean forward and it will be difficult to fall.

Even if you fall, a leg will pop out and you will fall, reducing the chance of a serious, life-threatening accident. Of course, it is forbidden to work on the top plate. Unstable This is because there is a high risk of falling off the ladder even if you lose your balance a little.

There is also a “stepladder” which is very similar to a stepladder, but a stepladder with a height of less than 80cm is defined as a “stepladder”. You can sit on the platform or sit.

The ladder will have the appropriate height according to the work objective.

“There is a suitable height when using a ladder,” Sumita said. “Basically, it is better to choose a ladder so that the work surface is in front of your face.”

Because the ladder is low, if you continue to work for a long time with your face up, you will lose your sense of balance. You may lose your sense of balance.

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When working near the ceiling, use a stepladder as high as possible to see the work surface.

Since the ladder is low, if you work upward, your neck and hands may tire, you may lose your sense of balance, and you may lose your balance (* Photo is an image of work in progress. Replace the lamp. Turn off the switch. After that, let’s wear work gloves, etc.)

However, when the average person uses it at home, it is not possible to measure the proper height. The step of the stepladder is about 30cm, and some products have a difference of one step, so it is very difficult for the general public to visually select the optimal height stepladder.

Therefore, Hasegawa Kogyo offers a service called “Hasegawa AR” for free. Services available on the iPhone or iPad. When you point your smartphone camera at work, the ladder will appear on the screen in its actual size.

Before buying a ladder, it helps to know the proper height. It is a service on the web, not an application, so you don’t have to install it.

I hope this article grab your concept on the appropriate ladder for home use.


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