How to reconnect an Extension Ladder

Who does not have a ladder these days! Especially when it comes to height, an extension ladder is needed. Either for home use or construction.

Having an extension ladder for a long time may cause repair or reconnect. Sometimes it is easy to find and fix the problem. Sometimes it is not so.

However, if you are looking to reconnect an extension ladder, your search is over. In this article, I’ll discuss how to reconnect an extension ladder. Also, some common extension ladder repair tips and tricks.

Before, getting into the topic let’s know some pre-required basics about the extension ladder.

An extension ladder is consists of two ladders that slide over to provide adjustability in height. The lower part which touches the ground called the fixed ladder and the upper part called the sliding ladder. A rope attached with both of the parts together to adjust the ladder. It connected the bottom rung of the fixed ladder and passed through a pulley at the top of the sliding ladder.

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How to reconnect an extension ladder

Imagine, you have an extension ladder for few years. It was good last time when you use it. You need to use it today. But when you pulled it out for use, you find it damaged between connectors. You understand you are in trouble.

Do not worry this time, as I’m going to share my experience to get rid of the problem.

Just earlier we know, an extension ladder is a combination of two ladders attached by a rope.

After using your extension ladder for a long time, it causes damage to the rope. When it happens, you need not be worried as this rope can be easily replaceable.

To help you, here I discuss step by step procedure to reconnect an extension ladder.

     ✔️ Step 1:

       Set your extension ladder on the floor or ground.

     ✔️ Step 2:

       Remove the old rope from the bottom rung and pulley carefully and unloop it.

     ✔️ Step 3:

       Now, re-loop the new ladder rope through the bottom rung and pulley. Make sure it has not passed behind rungs or pulley and is free of knots.

     ✔️ Step 4:

       To prevent the rope from fraying remember to warp the free end with duct tape.

     ✔️ Step 5:

       Finally, face your ladder against a wall to check it. After checking your ladder is ready to use again.

Not having issues with the rope?

If your rope looks fine then you have to check other things such as

Check the rail bracket

Between rail, there are some drilled holes for the bracket. They usually just slide one inside the rails of another. If you miss the rail bracket in the hole replace the brackets.

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Extension ladder repair

In most cases, experts recommend replacing the ladder rather than repair or fix as it is a safety item. Yet there are some cases where we can repair.

At this stage, I will discuss some common extension ladder repair procedures. 

Rung Lock

After using your extension ladder for so long may causes the rung lock to damaged or broken. In that case, you may purchase a new rung lock online or at any local hardware shop.

Rung Lock springs

One of the most common problems with older extension ladders is broken or damaged rung lock spring. In most cases, the lock spring is a coil spring. In that case, you may buy one from your nearest hardware store or online.

I hope you already get a clear idea about how to reconnect an extension ladder. Besides, I explained some of the common extension ladder repairs for your help. If your extension ladder needs to get reconnected, you can do it by yourself. But if your ladder needs repair, it is recommended by the experts not to repair your ladder. As sometimes it may cause a serious accident. So, it is wise to replace your older ladder with a new one.

Let us know if this article is helpful or not. Also, share your ladder-related problems with us.


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