How to make a wooden step ladder?

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Wooden ladders are using by man and professionals since ancient time.  Now a day’s wood step ladder broadly used both inside and outside the home. In this article, I will discuss how to make a wooden step ladder step by step, as you can build your own.

Who doesn’t feel the necessity of a step ladder at home? Recently, I decided to make my own wood step ladder. And now, I’m going to share my experience about how to build a wooden step ladder at home.

To build your own standard wooden step ladder at home, all you have to do is to follow the following steps in order. As it is a DIY project, you don’t need to have any experience in building crafts. In this article, I’ll share my experience and also help you by giving step by step instruction as you can build your own by yourself. Now let’s discuss the required materials you need to build a small wooden ladder.

Ladder Material

☛  Wood – Oak, Hickory, Beech, alder etc. are hardwoods and using these woods for your ladder makes your ladder much stronger, stable and durable. On the other hand, spruce, pine, cedar etc. are much more softwoods and should be avoided. The necessity of wood depends on your need. If you want to build a small step ladder you will need less amount of wood.

☛  Carriage bolts – I used M6 carriage bolts. You may also use M8 bolts. Carriage bolt size 55 – 60mm.

☛  Washers – I used an M6 washer. If you use an M8 carriage bolt, you must have to use an M8 washer.

☛  Lock washers – If you use an M6 washer you must have to use an M6 lock washer. 

☛  Wood Glue – Any wood glue.

☛  Screws – I used 2.5-inch size screws.

Necessary Tools

  • Cordless drill – Used to drill holes and drive screws.
  • Table Saw / Jigsaw – Used to cut the woods in size.
  • Drill/ Drill press – To make holes it is not mandatory you have to use a drill press. You can use an electrical power drill.  Drill press only used if the bolts really need to be straight.
  • Square – For measuring purpose.
  • Router – For rounding edges and finishing.
  • Sandpaper – Used to smoothen the wood.
  • Eye protection – Use safety glass for protection.
  • Earmuffs – Use while using noisy power tools.

After arranging all materials and tools you are ready to build your own Wooden ladder. Follow the following instructions step by step:

How to Make a Wooden Step Ladder Step By Step Process:

Step 1:
Measure and prepare: Measuring the wood pieces will be the first thing you need to do. I cut each steps in 24 inches length, 4 inches width and 1.5 inches depth. You may use your preferred size according to your need. Mark your measures using a pencil.

Step 2:
Cutting and polishing: For cutting, I used a table saw. You may also use a hand saw or jigsaw to cut the wood in the desired size. Remember, you have to cut wood pieces according to your need. After cutting, it’s time to finishing the edge. I use the router for that and use sandpaper to polish it.

Step 3:
Preparing rail and rung: The first mark the rung distance in the rail part. I used 6 rungs in my ladder. It may vary according to your need. Standard distance between each steps or rung 10 inches.

Step 4:
Making top: For the top part, I used 24 inches length, 8 inches width and 1.5 inches depth wood piece.

Step 5:
Attaching parts: To attach all steps/rungs on the rail I used 2.5-inch size screws (deck screws). After attaching all steps on both sides of the ladder.  Now, attach the side supports. Use carriage bolts, washer and lock washer to the band on both sides. Finally, attach the top part.

Step 6:
Finalizing your wood ladder: Check the strength of your ladder. Your work is done. You are ready to use your standard small wooden step ladder.

To be noted:

All necessary materials are available in your nearest hardware shop and online. The amount of wood needed depends on how tall your ladder is. If your weight is more than 250 pounds, you have picked more depth wood for rung/steps. Also, you may use hard-wood to increase strength. Use eye protection and earmuffs while working. 

Final Verdict

Wooden step ladders are an isolated ladder. You can use this ladder for electrical work. Before, using your ladder for electrical work make sure your ladder isn’t wet or moist. Remember, moist or wet wood is a good conductor of electricity.

I hope this article will clear your concept on how to make a wooden step ladder. Good luck with your first DIY project.


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