How to Install an Attic Ladder by Yourself

There are “ladder ladders” and “fixed ladders” to go up to the attic, but which one is better depends on what you store.

On this occasion, I will explain How to Install an Attic Ladder by Yourself, the construction method and the estimated cost.

Fixed ladders cannot be installed in some attic areas, so it is advisable to check with your local government in advance.

Types of stairs leading to the attic

You need stairs to get to the attic, but there are better stairs to store in the attic.

The estimated cost of the attic remodel [by construction content] and explanation of precautions

There are two main types of stairs that lead to the attic.

  • Ladder
  • Fixed stairs

There are other types of stairs, such as spiral staircases and exterior stairs, but these stairs deviate from the original use of the attic and can come in contact with building codes.

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Many people use ladders as ladders leading to the attic.

Especially for families with children, it will be a fun place for children to play.

When installing an attic ladder, it is advisable to rarely go up to the attic.

It can be stored even when the attic is not in use, so it doesn’t get in the way below.

Can be stored on the ceiling and lowered during use-Removable type

The estimated cost of installing a ladder is 70,000 to 120,000 yen.

Storing large and heavy items in the attic has the disadvantage of making it difficult to lift them with a ladder.

It is important to consider using the attic first, as you risk losing your balance and falling.

As the slope is steep, be careful when getting on and off children and the elderly.

If you open the attic regularly to replace the air, it is a measure of humidity and ventilation to prevent deterioration of the attic.

Fixed stairs

If you want to use the ladder in reverse, we recommend the fixed ladder.

The ladder is unstable and it is dangerous to lift heavy objects, but fixed ladders are stable and it is easy to lift heavy or large objects.

Also, fixed stairs move air between the attic and the ground floor to improve ventilation.

The downside is that fixed ladders require installation space and ladders make the one below narrower.

Stairs that go up from the first floor to the second floor also cost more to build.

Fixed Ladder Precautions

Depending on the municipality in your area, it may be prohibited to install fixed ladders in the attic.

In the unlikely event that it becomes a prohibited area, a ladder will be installed in place of the fixed ladders.

In that case, the use of the attic is inevitably restricted, so it is wise to check with your local government first about stairs when considering attic installation.

Please note that according to the Building Standards Act, the attic can only be used as a storage room and not as a living room.

How to install stairs in the attic

When installing stairs in the attic, it is easier to install a ladder, and fixed stairs are more expensive and time-consuming.

In the case of fixed ladders, check if they can be installed by the local government before installing them.

How to Install an Attic Ladder by Yourself

Stair installations in the attic have an opening in the ceiling and are installed there.

When going up to the attic, open the opening and lower the ladder stored in the attic.

The installation procedure is as follows.

  • Make an opening in the ceiling.
  • Reinforce the joists behind the roof.
  • Raise the ladder body from the ceiling and fix it temporarily.
  • Secure with mounting brackets such as screws
  • Place the wooden frame in the opening.

The “joists” are cross bars that support the roofing material and the joists need to be further reinforced so that the roofing material is not damaged.

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How to install a fixed ladder in the attic.

To install a fixed ladder in the attic, build the ladder in the same way as a normal ladder installation.

The size of the stairs is stipulated by the Building Standards Act as follows, and it is easy to go up and down the stairs.

How to install a fixed ladder (with storage) in the attic

If your municipality does not allow you to install fixed ladders, you can use storage furniture instead of ladders.

The space under the stairs is also stored, so you can make effective use of the space.

This method is not a fixed ladder, so it is important to ensure safety.

When installing, ask a specialist for fall prevention measures.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the carrying capacity so that it is not damaged even if a person climbs on it.

When you use the storage furniture as a ladder, please measure the size according to the height of the attic and the ground floor space, and install it as recessed.

The size of the fixed stairs may not be the same as the size of the fixed stairs mentioned above, but the stairs may be of a size that is easy for people who use the attic.

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