How Do You Make Loft Ladders for Tiny Houses?

Making necessary goods as needed is always been great entertainment for us. If you are looking for, how do you make loft ladders for tiny houses? This is the right place to learn step-by-step procedures to make your very own loft ladder for tiny houses.

Purchasing a loft ladder or attic stairs will bring added value, depending on your specific needs and choice of stairs. However, the price ranges start from around US$100 to more than US$1,600, depending on the material, capacity, opening size, length, and construction quality of the stairs.

Therefore, you are looking for a simple, safe and cheap products, right?

The good news is that if you have basic carpentry skills, you can do it yourself. All you have to need is the help of some necessary tools, and it will take several hours to build your very own ladder. Let’s find out how to build the attic stairs. A collapsible attic staircase made of wood can be completed by anyone in a few hours.  Here, we will tell you 10 steps on how to build a ladder with your own hands.

How to build stairs in the attic step-by-step instructions.

Step 1:

Collect the required materials and tools.

You will need the following accessories:

  •  Rod (as required),
  • Wood plank to make stairs (as required),
  • Nails or screws,
  • Measuring tape,
  • Pencil,
  • Square miter saw,
  • Circular saw,
  • Hinge drill.

step 2:

Measurement required of stair height before you start building the attic stairs. You need to measure the required stair height. To do this, measure the height from the floor to the attic. Then add 12 inches to that size. This will help determine the required length of the stair railing.

Step 3:

Cut the wood plank into stair railings. Use a miter saw to cut two 2 x 4 pieces (as many as required for your need) of wood to this length. Generally, 2 x 4 lumber is the most commonly used material for DIY attic stairs, but you can also use thicker lumber.

Step 4:

Determine the angle of the bottom end of the rail. Support the armrests from the floor to the attic. Measure the angle of the guide plate perpendicular to the floor. You can use squares to determine the angle. Or, you just need to find the angle you need to install the ladder flush with the ground.


Step 5:

Cut the bottom end and cut one end of both at the desired angle. In this case, cut the end at a 15-degree angle. The two angled ends are the lower legs of the ladder. You can cut these ends with a circular saw or a radial saw.

Step 6:

Determine the number of steps, mark, and cut 2×4 as needed. In this step, you will determine the number of steps and the placement distance required to use the ladder comfortably. Place the highest level on one of the handrails. Measure and mark 12 inches from the bottom of the two parts. This is the position of the first step. Measure from the top of each piece then marks 12 inches. -The top bar is inches. Then measure the distance between the top and bottom steps. Divide the obtained distance by 10.5 to find the number of steps between the top and bottom steps (the number should be rounded up). Step by step. Please note that the spacing of the steps should not exceed 10.5 inches. For example, if the total length of your ladder is 8 feet, the total number of levels is 8 to 9. Available, which is the width of the ladder you want to build. However, if using 2×4, the profile should be 4″ high and 18″ wide.

Step 7:

Install the steps to the side rails. Secure in place and secure each side of each pole to the armrest with screws or strong nails at each end. Insert it with a screwdriver/drill bit. Repeat the process to connect all the steps. The construction of the wooden attic stairs is almost complete.

Step 8: Convert this straight ladder to a collapsible ladder. Now you need to convert it into a three-part folding ladder. The foldable attic stairs are easy to fold and put away. attic. Use it to make a folding ladder and cut it in half with a circular saw. Cut half into two equal pieces. This means you will only receive three pieces.

Step 9:

Unite. The three parts assemble the three parts of the ladder and the hinge. This allows you to fold the parts together like an accordion.

Step 10: Attach the ladder to the attic door. Screw the longest section of the ladder with the loft door.

Fix the ladder properly and apply wood varnish for a shiny looking.



Your ladder is ready to use. It is a handmade, practical ladder for your loft. Moreover, it costs a lot less than buying a ladder from the store.

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