Best Ladder for Interior Painting – buying guide & reviews

Built for lengthy initiatives interior houses or buildings, platform ladders are made to be supportive and snug. They have a tendency to be better than different ladders in order that they may be used on taller partitions and better ceilings an appropriate indoor ladder may be wanted in case you need to color your home.

With precise preference, you could be efficient and safe. I, like many Expert painters, pick out a ladder so as to be sturdy and strong but Lightweight.

If that is your first time doing a domestic portray project, you could now no longer recognize which sort of ladder will serve you excellent on your subsequent endeavor. While there’s no clear winner, every version of the ladder has its strengths and weak spot that make it right at unique sorts of projects.

The maximum not unusual place sorts used for residence portray is the extension and the step. You will probably want a couple of lengths of every type.

Your desires are probably a chunk different. Therefore you want to don’t forget the steps Worried whilst selecting one to match you. Make your preference on the best ladder for interior painting primarily based totally on what is Snug that allows you to use and feels safe.

Why Should you Need a Ladder for Painting?

The use of a Ladder is a must when tackling a house painting project. It is the safest tool even in interior house painting. All other tools like chairs or tables are not capable of taking every corner of the house.

And as a matter of fact, perfection and accuracy don’t happen properly if you use any kind of other tools except painting ladders. Besides painting a ladder can give both safety and accuracy and it takes less time to use the best ladder for painting stairs.

Our Top 9 Best Ladders for Painting

Ladders are a flexible device and in case you select the proper one from the start, it’s far a one-time buy that lasts a lifetime.

Find the great one for you from our 9 best painters step ladder:

1.Little Giant Ladders, Velocity with Wheels(Editor’s Choice)

best ladder for interior painting

Here is one of our most favorite ladders. Little Giant has delivered this 17-ft notable ladder to assist out with all of your indoors and outside portray needs. It’s one of the nice articulating ladders that integrate many functions right into an unmarried body. This is confidently the best ladder for painting.

The nice part of this actual two-character ladder is you may use it in 5 distinct ways. Thanks to its patented, convertible layout that makes it ideal for a maximum of the ladder-associated task.

Its flexible layout permits you to apply it as a step ladder in an A-body configuration. Again, you may open it out and use it as an extension ladder to attain a maximum19 ft height. Not handiest that, the 90-diploma role of this ladder lets you live near your paintings at height.

Additionally, you may use it as 90- diploma ladders or as a scaffold system. Overall, this flexible ladder will update the need for a couple of ladders for your ordinary or seasonal task. For outside portray tasks, it’s absolutely the nice out of doors portray ladder.

No worry! In spite of its excessive versatility, it’s is secure to apply. It is business rated as much as three hundred lbs. What’s more, it comes with a quick rock locking mechanism that permits you to alter it to a brand new role quickly and lock it in the area with minimum effort.

This little large ladder is secure and cushy to apply. It functions huge rungs that now no longer handiest lessen foot ache and fatigue however additionally boom stability and balance at the same time as operating on it. For delivered safety, there are deep treads that boom traction at the same time as ascending.

Little giant ladder 17 is rather heavy. But the wheels that include it make it portable. So, don’t constantly want to lug it around. And you may roll it effects from area to area every time you want.

Finally, this terrible boy is straightforward to shop. The light-weight and 9-inch slender profile help you to shop it without problems whilst now no longer in use.

To summarize, it’s a nice ladder for portray excessive partitions and outside. It can be used for outside chores as well as interiors. You can use this ladder for not only painting your interiors but also you can fix your bulb or fan or change it by using this ladder. And also it can be used in electrical line work or painting the outer portion of your house.

You can even use this ladder to clean your house gutter.

Key features:

     ✔️ Versatility

     ✔️ Stability

     ✔️ Sturdiness

     ✔️ Easy to use

     ✔️ Multi-purposed

  • Convertible layout and versatile
  • Multi-purpose, expert grade
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum construction
  • Comfortable and secure to use Maximum extension stability
  • Easily adjustable length
  • Lightweight and smooth to transport
  • Exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards
  • Too much heavy to carry around.

2. Louisville Ladder L-3016-06 300-Pound Duty Rating Fiberglass Stepladder, 6-Feet(Best Choice)

Best Ladders For Painting 2 Story House

Step ladders are probable the sort with which maximum human beings might be maximum familiar. They use the conventional A-frame, because of this that they’re clean to set up, however additionally fold down in a shape greater appropriate to long-time period storage. They have a small platform on the pinnacle that may be used for device storage, however, it’s nowhere close to as many areas as you could get at the platform ladder. Step ladders additionally don’t have the identical most top that you could get on extension ladders.

Step ladders are an awesome all-round ladder that excels in nobody area, however, have no extensive weaknesses, either. If you’re searching out an awesome general-cause ladder to maintain across the house, the step ladder is a superb choice, because it does many varieties of jobs well, and folds down right into a smaller form for clean storage. And also it is one of the finest ladder systems for painting.

Some fashions truly stand proud of the relaxation of the road and blow you away with how suitable they may be as compared to the whole thing else at the market. The Louisville Ladder L-3016-06 is our favorite step ladder for that reason. It’s robust and stable, even whilst you get close to the top, that’s wherein maximum ladders start to wobble or shake. The remarkable balance in this version is because of the super-robust, and non-conductive, fiberglass rails.

It additionally comes with slip-resistant toes that make a contribution to the stableness and assist the ladder do its activity well, even in slick situations. You’ll recognize the pinch-resistant spreader, which gets rid of all the instances you’ll by chance get your palms or palm stuck with inside the mechanism, which continually hurts a lot, although it’s now no longer that terrible of a wound. While it does clock in at simply beneath 20 pounds, that’s a piece heavy for a stepladder, it’s phenomenally robust and really well worth each penny.

This ladder is a very common and affordable painting ladder.

And it is also pretty much famous among the linemen. Because of its slip-resistant rubber and fiberglass, anyone can use this ladder for interior painting and all other outside chores too.

Its molded top with handymen tools is very helpful to keep all the tools one needs when they are working. For example, if you are painting your interiors you can keep all your brushes and other tools. This feature helps as an assistant for your works.

Key features:

     ✔️ Full channel fiberglass, non-conductive full channel red fiberglass for long term service

     ✔️ Wide back braces, vertically mounted U-shaped back braces spaced on one-foot intervals give the most amount solidity

     ✔️ Slip-resistant rubber feet, aluminum angle feet with thick rubber is added  with all four legs to resist the slip or fall over from the top

     ✔️ Molded top with handyman’s tool slots, rugged, non-conductive structural molded top is extremely durable, molded-in slots provide the facility of  keeping the tools close while working

  • Pinch-resistant spreader
  • Nonconductive rails
  • Slip-resistant feet
  • Sturdy
  • Extremely Heavy

3. Little Giant Ladders, Select Step with AirDeck Accessory, 5-8 foot

best ladder for painting stairs

This is another amazing ladder from little giants. They never fail to add variations to each model of ladders.

This painting ladder has a very good structure. You can set up this ladder as the way want it won’t matter, the patent-pending Select Step provides a comfortable standing platform that offers heel-to-toe foot support at the top-recommended step.

The Air Deck workstation with a banister provides further stability and eliminates feelings of giddiness whereas standing at the highest of the choose Step. The Air Deck allows you to specialize in your work for higher results and helps you’re employed quicker without fear of losing your balance.

The heavy-duty rated, (Type IA – 300 lbs.) nonetheless light-weight choose Step 5-8 could be a 5, 6, 7, and eight Ft. step ladder beat one. And since each side telescope independently, you’ll be able to use it safely on stairs and uneven surfaces. Hanging photos or dynamical that not possible lightweight bulb higher than the well can never be easier.

Key features:

     ✔️ Air-deck workstation with handrail

     ✔️ Allowed by all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards

     ✔️ Type 1A rated, weight capacity of up to 300-lbs

     ✔️ A-frame height adjusts from 5-ft to 8-ft for

     ✔️ Highest standing level: 5 ft 8 in

     ✔️ Tip and Glide wheels offer added convenience,

     ✔️ Includes the AirDeck workstation accessory

     ✔️ Limited Lifetime Warranty

     ✔️ Provides a comfortable standing platform

  • Air-deck workstation with banister provides additional stability and permits you to stay paint cans or drills and hammers among reach.
  • Height versatility when reaching for objects in high kitchen cabinets, cleaning ceiling fans or dusting your home.
  • Its sturdiness is very helpful.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty gives satisfaction.
  • Tip and Glide wheels allow you to roll it around your yard or through the house.
  • The standing platform offers heel-to-toe support even at the highest step.
  • A little bit heavy.

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4. Cosco 11408PBL1E Three Big Folding Step Stool with Rubber Hand Grip, Platinum

painters step ladder

Here is a 3 step big folding ladder. Its light weighted and essential for any room. Make tasks less of duty with these handy stools. Extra-large steps give stable footing and therefore the lightweight style makes them easier to hold on to every room.

Life could be a story: a group of moments told one memory at a time, shared with folks we tend to love. And for over eighty years, COSCO has been proud to be a part of that story, providing products that improve and alter your everyday life. Whether or not you’re moving, painting, redecorating, hosting guests, or just reposeful outdoors, we’ve you covered. As life unfolds, we are going to still deliver products with sensible and innovative designs.

Key features:




     ✔️ SECURE

     ✔️ STABLE

     ✔️ FOLDS FLAT

  • Height assist for cabinets, closets, and light cleaning
  • Easy to carry for multiple jobs
  • Leg tips do not scuff or damage floor material
  • Extra-large, slip-resistant step
  • Continuous rear leg support
  • Easy Storage
  • A bit pricey

5. Louisville Ladder 4-Foot Aluminum Step Ladder

painting ladder

This is one of the best Ladders for Painting 2 Story House. This Louisville four ft. light-weight aluminum step ladder has a load capacity of 225lb, rated ANSI Type II. This ladder is equipped with a molded top with a handyman’s tool slots, molded pail shelf, slip-resistant rubber feet, metallic gusset bracing, and pinch-resistant spreader braces. This ladder is good for painting. The Louisville AS4004 step ladder meets or exceeds the protection requirements set through ANSI, CSA, and OSHA.

Key features:

     ✔️ Molded top with a recessed, non-conductive molded tray

     ✔️ With its 225-pound capacity, elegant design, and perfect finish, it’s an irreplaceable ladder

     ✔️ Meets or exceeds enterprise requirements: Utility is devoted to satisfy or exceed all protection requirements set through ANSI and OSHA.

  • Folding Capability
  • Slip-Resistant Feet
  • Slip-Resistant Steps
  • No commercial warranty

6. Little Giant Ladders, Flip-N-Lite, 6-Foot, Stepladder

best ladder for painting

If we needed to select the premier ladder for painting, this Flip-N-Lite Stepladder will be the clear winner. This is a great painting ladder for stairs.

First of all, it’s the proper climb-in-consolation answer for everybody who’s searching out a secure however cheaper ladder for his/ her seasonal production paintings or DIY project.

The 14. 25in. X 12in. the status platform is best for a complete ft. guide. It’ll remove now no longer simplest foot ache and fatigue however additionally gives a totally stable, cushy vicinity to face even as working.

Importantly, it capabilities a tall handrail that provides greater guide and stability. There is likewise an on-hand device tray to maintain your important small gear inside your reach.

This lightweight step ladder is simple to handle, deliver and storage. You can open it without difficulty with simply one hand. What more, its narrow profile is best for nearly everybody to maneuver.

Key features:

     ✔️ A comfortable standing platform assists the Flip-N-Lite for long-term usage.

     ✔️ Extra-wide rungs prevent foot fatigue.

     ✔️ The lightweight aluminum ladder is simple to transport, got wind of and takedown.

     ✔️ The Flip-N-Lite meets is ensured by OSHA and ANSI standards

  • Industrial-rated construction
  • light-weight design
  • Offers full foot support
  • snug to square on
  • simple to line up
  • simple to move and storage
  • Complies with all applicable federal agency & ANSI A14.2 standards
  • The top tray is very narrow

7. Louisville 6′ Fiberglass Step Ladder

interior painting ladders

Here’s an exceptional and really cheap step ladder that guarantees to provide more than a few beneficial capabilities to make your ladder undertaking extra efficient and efficient. This is without a doubt one of the great ladder systems for painting.

If your ceiling or partitions aren’t very excessive and also you don’t want to attain lots of height, then this 6 step ladder may be best for your normal use. It additionally comes with slip-resistant toes that make a contribution to the stableness and assist the ladder do its activity well, even in slick situations.

You’ll respect the pinch-resistant spreader, which removes all the instances you’ll by accident get your hands or palm stuck with inside the mechanism, which usually hurts a lot, although it’s now no longer that terrible of a wound. While it does clock in at simply below 20 pounds, which is a piece heavy for a stepladder, it’s phenomenally robust and really well worth each penny.

Key features:

     ✔️ Work Gets much easier: Molded Top with Handyman’s Tool Slots

     ✔️ Sturdy and strong: With the 300 pounds of capacity, it’s a perfect ladder for all kind of works that requires climbing

     ✔️ Made for fulfilling your needs: Molded top with recessed tray, the nonconductive structural molded top gives additional help with the equipment

     ✔️ Safe and protected: Inside spreader, braces keep your ladder protected if you need to move your ladder very frequently for outside use

     ✔️ Molded top with handyman’s tool slots, with molded-in slots you can keep your important tools close to hand while working

     ✔️ Each step secured with six large-head semi-tubular steel rivets for maximum strength

     ✔️ Non-conductive full-channel rails are covered with a polyester protects the ladder for years of durable service

     ✔️ A heavy-duty bottom back brace affords the extra capacity to the lowest part of the ladder.

  • Slip-resistant feet
  • Sturdy
  • Nonconductive rails
  • Pinch-resistant spreader
  • A little bit heavy

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8. Cosco Tri Step plus Work Platform

best step ladder for painting


Here is an outstanding painter’s step ladder.

Here’s a different and really less expensive step ladder that guarantees to provide more than a few beneficial capabilities to make your ladder mission greater effective and efficient.

If your ceiling or partitions aren’t very excessive and also you don’t want to attain lots of height, then this 2t step ladder may be ideal for your normal use.

The progressive capabilities of this stepladder assist to enhance user’s overall performance whilst operating utility, or any residential tasks. If you want to color the location close to electric wires in your house, the non-conductive fiberglass creation of this ladder makes it secure for jobs.

The safety-centered engineering of this ladder guarantees most energy and safety. It has an ANSI Type IA responsibility score able to assisting three hundred pounds.

This ladder is ready with a sturdy and durable “Pro Top,” which promotes productiveness and efficiency. These Pro Top capabilities non-conductive molded-in slots to assist hold equipment near at hand. The pro-pinnacle has a paint-can holder, hardware tray, a pipe or 2 x four holder, handyman device slots, and a handy magnet to steady maintain the small metallic parts.

A curved ergonomic front presents extra leg consolation for operating lengthy time. Wide, vertical-mounted, U-fashioned lower back braces are spaced on a one-foot c program language period that gives most stiffness and discourages dangerous climbing.

The non-conductive, full-channel, fiberglass rails are robust and durable. Each step is secured with semi-tubular; six big-headed metallic rivets for optimum energy. Additionally, the spreader braces are located in the fiberglass rails that assist to guard the braces against getting hooked or abused throughout transit.

The heavy, massive ft., raptor boot, and “SHOX” device make this ladder stand out among others. The impact-resistant, non-marring footwear offers extraordinary balance. Moreover, the different SHOX device provides more resistance and sturdiness to unintended misuse.

Importantly, the bolstered backside lower back brace guarantees most balance to the lowest of the ladder.

All in all, lightweight step ladders the pleasant ladder for indoors portray to be had available in the marketplace today.

Key features:

     ✔️ Thickness

     ✔️ Sturdiness

     ✔️ Easy to fold

     ✔️ Light weigh

  • Very functional
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Easy to maneuver and move around
  • Extremely well-made and sturdy
  • Not suitable for high reach works

9. Werner 356 stepladders, 6-Foot

Best Ladders For Painting 2 Story House

The 356 aluminum 6 ft step ladder has a responsibility score of 225 lbs. and Tool-Tra-Top that function a handy tray for containing equipment or a paint can and slots for a paint curler tray. There is likewise a robust molded paint can hanger at the lower back of the top. The computerized Spill-Proof pail shelf opens and closes with the ladder. The Traction-Tred steps are slip-resistant.

There is likewise a robust molded paint can hanger at the again of the top. The automatic Spill-Proof pail shelf opens and closes with the ladder. The Traction-Tred steps are slip-resistant.

This ladder is perfect for household chores both inside and out. Easy to hold and use for cleaning and painting.

Key features:

     ✔️ Maximum reach: 10 ft

     ✔️ TOOL-TRA-TOP convenient tray for tools/paint can and slots for a paint roller tray

     ✔️ Sturdy molded paint will hanger on the rear of the top

     ✔️ Slip-resistant TRACTION-TRED steps

     ✔️ External PINCH-PROOF spreaders

     ✔️ The bottom and top steps braced

     ✔️ Slip-resistant molded foot pad

     ✔️ SPILL-PROOF pail shelf with a rag that can hold gallons of paint and other equipment

     ✔️ Duty rating of 225 lbs

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • The reach is very higher
  • A convenient tray is very useful
  • Sturdy
  • A bit heavy
  • Sometimes the slip-resistant doesn’t work very well

How to pick the best ladder for painting?

Different varieties of ladders are to be had for portraying tasks. Before deciding on one type, it’s crucial to examine which type of ladder will serve you high-quality for domestic portray tasks.

Platform Ladders

This kind of ladder is available in the A-body configuration. The characteristic big platform on the pinnacle gives a snug location for status and resting tools.

Platform ladders are best for portray tasks as they may be cushy to face on and paintings for an extended time. But you want to take into account the garage area for it as they have a tendency to be big.

Extension Ladder/ Telescoping Ladder

If your portray task calls for getting very excessive places, and you’ve restrained ground area for A-body ladder, an extension ladder is a proper alternative. One of the first-class functions of this kind of ladder is you could settle and make bigger it in line with your needs.

Generally, extension ladders can attain as much as 18 meters (60 feet). They want a helping wall or item to lean towards it.

The drawback of extension portray ladder is there may be no platform for device garage. So, you’ll require shopping a paint shelf one after the other or make an accent shelf.

Step Ladder

It’s a great all-around choice to carry out the ladder-associated challenges at the domestic, office, keep or garage. They characteristic A-form body meaning they may be smooth to install and convey round.

In general, they up to six meters (20 feet) in peak and are nonadjustable.

Step portray ladder commonly functions as a small platform on the pinnacle of the ladder that you could use for the device garage. Although they don’t provide the identical most peak like an extension ladder, it’s a great alternative for general-cause to hold around your house.

Articulating ladder

This kind of ladder is taken into consideration as the maximum flexible type. They provide many configurations right into an unmarried body. You can use an articulating ladder in one-of-a-kind configurations to paintings on one-of-a-kind peaks.

The drawback of this kind of ladder is that they fee greater than different varieties of ladders. But you’ll discover that it’s really well worth each penny due to its versatility and capabilities.

Buying Guide of the Best Ladder for Interior Painting

Buying the exceptional preference portray ladder isn’t a tough task. There are just a few elements which you ought to do not to forget. The most important task is to signify ladder systems for painting.

The first thing is your accomplishing top. Consider the most top which you’ll want to attain in your portray tasks. There are unique sizes of ladders for unique heights.

Based on the peak of your house, select the ladder. To portray 2 tale house or 2 tale dwelling rooms, an extension ladder will paintings well. However, for the one-tale house, any platform ladder or step painting ladder is a great option.

Secondly, do not forget what sort of ladder you want- platform, step-, extension- or articulating ladder. Each kind has a few blessings and weaknesses over different types. Decide which kind will exceptional in shape your needs. For outside portray tasks, extension or telescoping ladder is a proper preference.

Don’t overlook to think about the burden restrict of the ladder. For portray task, you could require to maintain near a few portray add-ons along with a paint can paint brass and mush more. So, while assessing the obligation score of the portray ladder do not forget your weight and portray add-ons weight so as to be used even as at the ladder.

Why do we recommend those ladders? (Editor’s choice)

In order to choose the best ladder for painting your house, you must consider everything like your budget, your expectation, the category of your house the specific ladder features you need.

We recommend mostly two of our ladders from the list. The 1st one Little Giant Ladders, Velocity with Wheels, M17, 17 Ft, Multi-Position Ladder, Aluminum, Type 1A, 300 lbs Weight Rating, (15417-001).

We recommend the 1st one because it is useful in interiors and it is sturdy and slip resistance which is extremely suitable and the best ladder for interior painting.

And its other good qualities are:

     Convertible layout and versatile

     Multi-purpose, expert grade

     Aerospace-grade aluminum construction

     Comfortable and secure to use Maximum extension stability

     Easily adjustable length

     Lightweight and smooth to transport

     All these qualities will help you to paint your house very easily safely

And the 2nd one Louisville Ladder L-3016-06. This painting ladder additionally comes with slip-resistant toes that make a contribution to the stableness and assist the ladder do its activity well, even in slick situations. And there are some additional qualities of it, like

     Pinch-resistant spreader

     Nonconductive rails

     Slip-resistant feet


All the features of this ladder will assist you to paint your interior house, as well as it is rather helpful to many other chores. Like cleaning gutters, electric line works, painting outside of the house, changing or fixing bulbs and fan or any other electronic device on the high position of the wall.

Frequently Ask Questions About Best Painting Ladder

Q: Can I rest a ladder against a window?

➦ Window cleaners ladders with special rubber pads at the top of the ladder are the only ladders you should put up against a window. If you don’t have a window cleaner’s ladder, buy some Ladder Pads. However, you need to take care as your window may not take the combined weight of your ladder and you. Always, where possible, rest your ladder against something solid like a brick wall or, maybe, consider using a scaffold tower to give you greater freedom, without having to stretch or lean more than is safe to do so.

Q: What is the pleasant ladder to portray the ceiling?

➦ A multi-ladder or an articulating ladder is outstanding for outside portray. But you could additionally use this sort of ladder for indoors portray as properly. If the wall is eight or nine ft. high, you could use a multi-ladder as A-body to portraying the ceiling.

Q: What length ladder do I want to portray 2 tale residing rooms?

➦ In general, it’s taken into consideration that tale residing rooms heights are extra than 10 to twelve toes. So, an extension ladder with enough top to paintings without difficulty and accurately on the pinnacle of the room could be needed. What more, a step ladder from 6 to twelve toes in the top will paintings properly rely on the scale of the room.

Q: What the opposite add-ons are for portray?

➦ For your portray project, you can additionally want a Project tray, Fuel Tank, Work Platform, and Wall Standoff.

Q: What does the ladder responsibility score mean?

➦ Ladders include precise weight ability. The responsibility score refers back to the most weight ability that a ladder can accurately maintain up. It consists of the burden of substances and equipment that the consumer will convey onto the ladder plus his/ her absolutely clothed weight.

Q: Is it safe to rest ladders against guttering?

➦ Guttering isn’t always sturdy sufficient to aid the load of a ladder and the individual the use of it. This applies to each plastic and metallic guttering. If you restore a ladder Stand-Off to the pinnacle of the ladder, you could then relax the ladder towards the residence and clean the gutter. Then, whilst you climb the ladder, there’ll no hazard of breaking the guttering.

Final verdict:

Painting your private home through yourself is actually viable in case you get the pleasant ladder for portray and continue methodically.

We wish our eight pleasant portray ladder’s opinions and associated records have helped you determine out which one is proper on your subsequent portray undertaking.

Pick the version in an effort to meet your portray undertaking needs and choose the best ladder for interior painting.

We wish that our rationalization of various ladder sorts has helped you determine which type you’ll want on your subsequent portray project. We additionally wish that our opinions have helped you discover a version that you’ll love at a fee you’ll like a lot, too.

Thanks for reaching and reading us.

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