Best Ladder for High Ceilings – buying guide & reviews

The highest ceiling in your home is the most difficult to reach. But it’s an important place in the house. The ceiling fan, bulbs are most of the time attached to the ceiling. So you need to reach your ceiling easily to change your bulbs or ceiling fans or to fix them.

Sometimes you will find dust or spider webs on the ceiling, so you will have to clean them quickly. If your house hasn’t been painted recently the wall and ceilings will be damp very soon, so you need to repaint your house. 

Whether it’s painting or trying to reach a certain height, using chairs or climbing stools, you know how unbalanced and unstable they are. You can even swing a lot. This is about performing tasks of varying degrees, and safety should be your number one priority.

The best way to do this is with a ladder for high ceiling. A ladder can be stable and safe if you are using it to climb the highest ceiling of your house. But to find the best ladder for high ceilings is a very difficult and calculative thing to do. Ladder height, load capacity, and ladder stability are prime factors to figure out the best ladder you need.

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Various ladders for high ceiling

Different kinds of high ceiling ladders can be seen market nowadays. People choose the perfect ladders according to their house structure and purpose of using the ladder.

The most common high ceiling ladder categories are:

✔️ Attic ladder

An attic or attic ladder is a retractable staircase installed in the attic door/entry hatch and used as a cheap and compact alternative to the attic staircase of a building.

These kinds of ladders are used for reaching the attic of your house, carrying things and storing them. Attic ladders are usually made for the attic, but tons of indoor work also can be done by them.

✔️ Scaffolding ladder

The ladder lift is a simple device that consists of a platform on support connected to the ladder. Due to their portability and cost-effectiveness, ladder lifts are mainly used for light-duty applications.

But a scaffolding ladder is not always easy to be found. And also these ladders are very expensive. So you can always make a quick homemade Scaffolding ladder.

How you can do it is suggested down below:

Adjust Two Extension Ladders

Install each ladder as frame A. Depending on the length of the board, place the ladders 8 to 12 feet apart so that the steps face each other.

Test the Scaffolding Board

Before using the ladder at a high level, it is important to test it at a low level. If the circuit board breaks at a high position, it may cause serious injury. First place the plank on the bottom rung of each ladder. Then slowly and carefully. , Go through the scaffolding from one end to the other. The board should be slightly bent. If it bends a lot or makes a few squeaks, you need a thicker board.

Adjust the platform to the proper height

Determine the height of the scaffold required. Then place the board on the appropriate rung on each ladder. Try to keep the board level. And make sure that the table exceeds any A-frame configuration to increase safety.

✔️ Electric ladders:

Electric ladders offer you maximum comfort and ease of use. These stairs are fully automatic and are controlled by remote control or wall switch. Fold or unfold the attic stairs. The work is controlled by hand remote control or cable switch, the ladder can be operated at the push of a button. In a ready-to-climb position.

✔️ Retractable ladders:

The retractable ladder is always made of metal, which is the ideal solution when you have to do some heavy work or carry something heavy along with you while using the ladder. But as it can be folded at any size, you will be able to use this ladder at different kinds of places-wide and narrow. Also, you can easily keep it anywhere after your use.

10 best ladders for high ceiling:

In order to choose the best ladder for high ceiling, you may check our suggestion list.

Please go through the list and choose your preferable ladder for high ceiling:

1. Little Giant Ladders, Revolution, M22, 22 ft, Multi-Position Ladder, Aluminum, Type 1A, 300, 300 lbs weight rating, (12022)(Editor’s Choice)

high ceiling loft ladder

Revolution XE is versatile and can be converted into 5 different configurations-you can convert it into an extended ladder, a 90-degree ladder, a flyover and plank ladder, a ladder or a type A ladder, whatever it is. You can also use this ladder around and on objects that other ladders cannot use.

When it’s converted to an A-frame ladder, it can hold 300 pounds on both sides, and other sizes can hold up to 300 pounds. It is a Class 1A conductor and complies with OSHA and ANSI safety standards. % Lighter than other ladders because they are made of aviation-grade aluminum and weigh only 38 pounds.

This feature is convenient for transportation during operation and even during transportation. And it can be pulled out gently. The fastening system only needs to remove the ladder at the storage height. It will not damage your fingers. The ladder has wide sliding feet to ensure stability and freedom of movement.

This ladder is a multipurpose ladder. That means you can use this ladder for various kinds of works. Like: indoor works, outdoor works, personal and commercial use, electrical work, painting or cleaning work etc. all types of works can be done by this ladder perfectly.

Key Features

 ✔️ The ladder position can be up to 22’3″ (assuming the person is 5’6″ tall and can be up to 12″ vertically).

 ✔️ Various configurations, including A-frame, extension, ladder or 90-degree ladder, flyover, and four-scaffolding lock hinge. 4 instead of 2 pins to secure the ladder for improved stability and overall safety,

 ✔️ Easy-to-use rock locks for quick and easy adjustments.

 ✔️ Aerospace quality aluminum structure and wide legs in your garden or your home the structure ensures safety and stability.

 ✔️ The 1A type has a load capacity of up to 300 pounds on each side, making this ladder ideal for two people, so you can cut the workload in half.

 ✔️ The height of the A-frame can be from 5 feet to 9 feet for adjustment.

 ✔️ The extension height is 11, the adjustable feet can reach up to 19 feet, and the limited lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind.

  • Can be converted to 5 dimensions.
  • Very light weighted
  • The load capacity on both sides is 300 pounds.
  • Conforms to OSHA and ANSI safety standards.
  • Maximum extendable length of 22 ft.
  • It is designed with aviation-grade aluminum material.
  • Can be used around and on objects.
  • The price of the ladder is a little bit expensive.


2. Louisville Ladder FM1416HD Twin Front Stepladder(Best Choice)

tall indoor ladder

This 16-foot Louisville double staircase made of non-conductive fiberglass has a 375-pound ANSI IAA type loading capacity. The DaBoot of this ladder has an unmarked tread that is mechanically attached to the upper to provide reliable anti-skid protection.

Legs, shock absorption SHOX system, thick steel hinges, reinforced gussets, internal struts and riveted tread structure. The two front ladders allow two users to work on the same ladder at the same time, making more difficult tasks for one person easier. Louisville FM1416HD double front ladder meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA safety standards.

Very suitable for professional or personal use. This ladder helps in kinds of all works like do-it-yourself work, such as replacing roofs, shingles and windows, and also very suitable for painting and pitching

Key Features

 ✔️ SHOX Impact Absorption System.

 ✔️ 16 ft fiberglass ladder features heavy-gauge steel hinges.

 ✔️ Internal distribution braces.

 ✔️ Strong reinforcement.

 ✔️ Riveted step design.

  • Heavy-duty gusset bracing
  • Non-slip DaBoot boots.
  • Perfect for Industrial design too
  • Twin front step ladders allow two users to work on the same ladder simultaneously
  • Light-weighted
  • There are no cons to this product.


3. Little Giant Ladders, Skyscraper

ladder for 20 foot ceiling

This staircase, commonly known as a skyscraper, is especially popular because of its unparalleled height. It can reach high ceilings, walls and chandeliers, etc. You can use it. You can reach a height of 21 feet and use it to fix the bulb, panting etc.

You can use this ladder on the staircase, benches, stadium, and sloppy grounds among other obstacles.

When you use it as an A-frame ladder, this heavyweight ladder can support up to 300 pounds on both sides. It meets or exceeds ANSI &OSHA safety standards.

The ladder is safe and designed with wide bottom feet to enhance stability. The foot-end is also fitted with rubber to give the ladder a firm grip on the ground.

It will be had to experience wobbling because of the strong hinge-locks that are fitted on the ladder to make you feel safe and comfortable when working.

In addition, the airplane-grade aluminum also makes the lightweight and durable with a guarantee of 5 years.

Key Features

 ✔️ Skyscraper, 21 ft Model – ANSI Type IA – 300 Lb rated

 ✔️ Aluminum adjustable stepladder

 ✔️ Two-sided, two-person stepladder ANSI rated to hold up to 300-lbs

 ✔️ Fully adjustable for stable use on stairs, curbs ramps, and more

 ✔️ Ultra-light and strong aerospace-grade aluminum construction

 ✔️ A-frame height: 11 to 21 ft

 ✔️ Stores at 11 ft 7 in

 ✔️ Limited warranty of 5 years

  • The maximum height reached is 21 feet.
  • Everlasting.
  • Made of aluminum.
  • Conforms to OSHA and ANSI safety standards.
  • Support 300 pounds on both sides.
  • This ladder is a little heavy for some people to use.


4. Little Giant Ladders, Velocity with Wheels

high ceiling ladder

This Little Giant Velocity is made of a special alloy, so it is 20% lighter than any similar industrial quality ladder. Velocity also includes several new innovative features, such as two-pin hinges and easy-to-use rock locks.

Velocity 22 can be used in 33 unique configurations such as A-frames, extensions, ladders and 90-degree ladders and Velocity flyover brackets (sold separately) to create flyovers and decking systems. The wide horn legs and aviation-quality aluminum structure ensure unparalleled safety and stability.

The Little Giant Velocity is designed to withstand a weight of 300 pounds on both sides and is a ladder that is really suitable for two people.

Key Features

 ✔️ A-frame height: 5 to 9 ft

 ✔️ Extension height: 11 to 19 ft

 ✔️ 33 unique features

 ✔️ This ladder has telescoping features

 ✔️ Made of aluminum

 ✔️ Wide-flared legs

 ✔️ Rated to hold 300 lbs on both sides

  • The aviation-grade aluminum structure provides extra safety and stability.
  • Two-person ladder
  • Very light weighted to carry around anywhere
  • Easy-to-use Rock Locks for quick adjustment
  • The rungs of the ladder are very narrow
  • Sometimes this ladder is hard to open
  • Dimensions of this ladder is hard to understand


5. Louisville Ladder 25.5×54 Aluminum Attic Ladder


ceiling ladders

This Louisville Elite series of aluminum attic stairs has a load-bearing capacity of 375 pounds. This aluminum attic staircase is suitable for ceilings from 7’8″ to 10’3″ and measures approximately 22.5″ X 54″.

Elite AA2210 Loft Ladder has non-slip crossbars, adjustable shoes, improved barrel design and ergonomic T-shaped handles. Louisville AA2210 aluminum attic stairs meet or exceed ANSI safety standards.

Advanced cylinder design, open and close easily and smoothly

Key Features

 ✔️ Adjustable shoes

 ✔️ Advanced cylinder design

 ✔️ Non-slip crossbar

 ✔️ Ergonomic T-shaped handle

 ✔️ R5 insulated door panel

 ✔️ 375-Lb load capacity

  • Weatherstrip to improve energy efficiency
  • Large access space.
  • R5 insulated door panel to assist keep the warmth within in winter and out the summer.
  • Aluminum ladder provides lightweight longevity
  • Advanced cylinder design helps to open and close easily.
  • The rungs of the ladder are very narrow
  • The joints become sloppy sometimes.


6. Louisville Ladder FE3240 Fiberglass Step Ladder

20 ft ceiling

If you are looking for a ladder for a 20-foot ceiling and more, then this ladder is for you.

This 40-foot Louisville fiberglass retractable ladder has a load capacity of 300 pounds of ANSI IA type. MAXLOCK is equipped with a customized MAXLOCK cross bolt lock made of patented advanced molecular polymer, which is the strongest, strongest and lightest cross bolt lock ever.

The ladder also includes the patented quick latch system, which provides a simple and intuitive way to secure the front sight and base components. The ladder stretched out.

 The ladder is equipped with external gliders, full-tooth D-shaped pedals for non-slip surfaces, end positions without guides, ropes and pulleys, and rotating steel safety shoes with metal protection, which can be used in descending, descending or inclined positions. Louisville FE3240 fiberglass extension ladder meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA safety standards.

Key features

 ✔️ Contains our specially developed MAXLOCK, which is made of advanced patented molecular polymers.

 ✔️ Patented QuicklatchRunglock system.

 ✔️ Steel rotating safety shoes with metal protection.

 ✔️ Heavy-duty end caps.

 ✔️ D-Shaped Rungs

 ✔️ Direct Rung-Rail Connection

 ✔️ MAXLOCK is the strongest, lightest and strongest bolt lock ever

 ✔️ Outside Slide Guides

  • Safe and stable
  • Can be easily folded
  • Very light weighted, so easy to carry
  • Easy to use
  • Security locks of the ladder are extremely helpful
  • Sometimes latches may seem hard to open.


7. Louisville Ladder FS1412hd Step Ladder

ladder for 20-foot ceiling


This 12-foot Louisville non-conductive fiberglass staircase has an ANSI IAA type 375-pound lifting capacity. This ladder uses an innovative Raptor top with magnets and multiple tool slots, SHOX cushioning system, Raptor boots and glue non-damaged profiles mechanically connected to the top boots to create a safe, non-slip base, internal spacer straps, wide rear tie rods and rivets and cloth Construction steps. Louisville FS1412HD stepladder meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA safety standards.

The expansion bracket in the fiberglass rail prevents jamming or mishandling during transportation. Aluminum angle feet with thick rubber tread on all four legs. The unique SHOX system provides higher durability and resistance to abuse and accidental disoperation.

Key Features

SHOX Impact Absorption System.

 ✔️ Versatile top Raptor with multiple tool slots and magnets

 ✔️ Raptor boots with non-slip contour and non-slip binding

 ✔️ Inside Spreader Braces

 ✔️ Riveted Step Construction with Gussets

 ✔️ Wide Back Braces

  • Maximum stability
  • Pro-top keeps your tools at hand
  • Ultimate safety
  • Exclusive SHOX system gives extra durability
  • This ladder is hard to control sometimes.


8. Werner 416 300-Pound Duty Rating Type IA Aluminum Stepladder

high ladders

The aluminum stepladder is designed for a load of 300 pounds. Design and have a rough TOOL-TRA-TOP function. All steps are reinforced in the knee area, and TRACTION-TRED steps are non-slip. Place a set of back contour lines per foot.

This ladder has Heavy duty internal spreaders. Full set of rear horizontals spaced one per foot. Slip-resistant foot pads attached to the edge of the structure. Each rivet is reinforced with a metal, metal plate, or washer to protect the guide rail. Optional manual pail shelf kit, model no. PK76-9 or automatic closing pail shelf kit model no.76-2. 

Key Features

 ✔️ Heavy gauge TOOL-TRA-TOP with thick side plates

 ✔️ Shoulder bolt and lock nut on top hinge; 4 solid aluminum rivets attach the top to each rail

 ✔️ All steps are knee-braced

 ✔️ Slip-resistant TRACTION-TRED steps are double riveted to rails for durability

 ✔️ Heavy-duty internal spreaders

 ✔️ Full set of rear horizontals spaced one per foot

 ✔️ All steps and top rear horizontal are knee-braced

 ✔️ Slip-resistant foot pads attached to the EDGE structure

 ✔️ Every rivet backed up by metal, metal plates or washers to protect rails

 ✔️ Optional manual pail shelf kit, model no. PK76-9

 ✔️ Automatic closing pail shelf kit model no. 76-2

  • Mar-resistant molded end caps
  • Ideal for telecommunications industries and utilities
  • 4 casters allow easy 360-degree mobility
  • Rubber padded feet can be easily placed on any kind of floor or even outside.
  • It takes a lot of space to set up and work.


9.Heavy Duty Gaint Multipurpose Aluminum Extension Folding Ladder Scaffold Ladders with 2 Platform Plates

ceiling ladders

If you are looking for a ladder for a 19-foot ceiling, then this ladder is for you. This is one of those tall ladders for painting high ceilings or we can call it a tall indoor ladder.

This ladder has 19.5 feet, 4 rungs x 5 rungs, equipped with 2 free platform boards, flexible ladders for working on stairs or uneven surfaces. Durable rubber pads ensure durability and are firmly fixed on all floor surfaces.

The fuse and protective rubber pad are set at the bottom for safe operation. 7-in-1 combination ladder: The combination ladder can be used as a straight ladder/double-sided ladder/overpass/working platform/ladder, etc., for carrying or storing. W: 37.5 pounds, load capacity up to 330 pounds. Folded size: W24.4 inches x 10,83 inches x 50 inches.

Key Features

 ✔️ Heavy-duty rubber pads

 ✔️ Multi-position smooth operating hinges

 ✔️ 7 in 1 Combined: Combination ladder can be used as Straight Ladder/Double-Sided Ladder/Trestle/Workstation Platform/Stair Ladder Etc.

 ✔️ Rustproof

 ✔️ Lightweight

 ✔️ Foldable design

 ✔️ Load capacity up to 330LBS

 ✔️ Safety locks & bottom rubber protective pads

  • Durable rubber pads ensure durability and are firmly fixed to all floor surfaces
  • Works on stairs or uneven surfaces.
  • A smooth multi-position hinge allows different configurations
  • Safety locks & bottom rubber protective pads ensure safety work.
  • The foldable design makes it easy to carry or store away.
  • The adjustability is very good
  • The ladder is not very sturdy
  • The ladder is tall but flimsy

10. Werner Twin Stepladder,Fiberglass,IAA,4ft,T7400

Best Ladder for High Ceilings

The 4-foot T7404 fiberglass two-layer ladder has a rated weight of 375 pounds on each side of the ladder. The ladders of the T7400 series are designed for one or two people, with thick aluminum covers and durable internal gaskets to prevent damage at the construction site.

The glass mark violator handrail on the stair railing makes the ladder more visible, while the edge support system and external stair railing protection increase the durability of the ladder. When working near electricity, fiberglass handrails are not conductive.

This ladder takes a very small place to store or install or work with.

Key features

 ✔️ Thick extruded aluminum panels and thick side panels.

 ✔️ The aluminum base plate strengthens all top connectors.

 ✔️ Shoulder screw and lock nut on the top hinge.

 ✔️ There are 4 strong aluminum rivets attached to the top of each rail.

 ✔️ The non-slip steps have double rivets and knees.

 ✔️ Rugged aluminum internal expander, rubber bumper to prevent damage.

 ✔️ Aluminum external rail shield

 ✔️ Shoe pads riveted to the EDGE® structure

  • Aluminum external rail defend helps defend against abrasion injury
  • Designed for one or two-person jobs
  • EDGE® bracing system helps to decrease damage to rail
  • Rubber step bumpers help to resist damage
  • This ladder can only be used for the work of height under 5 feet.


How to reach high ceiling with ladder?

Using a usual ladder is dangerous once cleanup or painting high ceilings. Because the traditional ladders aren’t long enough if you utilize them, you wish to square on the highest rung of the ladder.

Which is extremely dangerous!

Any quiet fall from such height will influence be fatal and are the most explanation for ladder-related injuries.

On the other hand, high-ceiling stairs are easy to use and you can reach the ceiling easily. Finding and setting up a high ceiling ladder, one may find that a tough job. But once you are capable to surpass that stage, the rest of your main job gets twice easier than before.

      ✔  More Reach

These high ceiling ladders give a lot of reach than the other traditional ladder out there. Also, these ladders are often adjusted as per the peak of the ceiling, in contrast to the normal ladder, permitting you to figure at a unique height. One ladder can be used for various height ceilings and also various purposes.

      ✔  Ways to use

These stairs are still the best choice for reaching high ceilings. Yes, you can reach them via scaffolding and elevators, but they are not that easy to use.

Moving the scaffolding system is also difficult. You need to collect the system frequently when the post changes. But with high-ceiling stairs, everything becomes easy and simple. Just move the ladder to any position you want.

You don’t even need someone to help you. It is convenient to go up and down the stairs.

      ✔  Weight

The ladder is easy to carry by two people (if not one person) and is lighter than traditional scaffolding and climbing ladder, making it easy to move, but different from the scaffolding system.

      ✔  Storage system

Storage is no problem with ladders. These high-reach ladders are easy to store as they fold retract. Thus they use a lot less space than their actual size.

They even cover less space than some of the traditional ladders found at homes.

Buying Guide for Best Ladder For High Ceilings

Choosing the best ladder for high ceiling is one of the toughest jobs ever. You have to consider every single little and detailed information and analyze them before choosing and buying the perfect ladder for yourself.

Here is the buying guide for the best ladder for high ceilings we are providing you. Hope it will help you in all ways to make your best decision:

To buy the specific ladder you need to consider some important factors about these ladders.
They are:

      ✔  Purpose of using the ladder:

While taking the decision to buy a ladder the most important fact to consider is for what purpose you are buying this ladder. In short in what kind of work this ladder will be used. The high ceiling ladders can be used for various purposes. We can use high ceiling ladders in different kinds of places.

Some ladders can specifically be used for electrical works or paint. Some can use these ladders for cleaning the gutters or reaching the attic of the house.

The ideal height or working capability of the ladder depends on the purpose you are going to use it for. Also, it can be a multipurpose ladder too.

Choose your ladder according to your type of work and workspace.

      ✔  Safety and Stability:

The safety and stability of the ladder are very important, especially when it is used for high ceilings because reaching a sufficient height increases the risk of falling. Therefore, please check whether the ladder has adequate safety measures. Safety features are urgently needed, such as rubber bearings and non-slip handrails on steps.

The stability of the ladder depends to a large extent on the quality of the materials from which it is made. Never buy aluminum ladders. Economic quality. It is more reliable to pass OSHA or ANSI safety certification.

      ✔  Ladder Height:

The first thing to figure out before buying a ladder is the height of the ladder because your goal is to climb high enough to get close to the ceiling, so the ladder must be high enough to do this. 

Usually, the ladders with 12-14 feet are capable of being used for high ceilings. For 2 story house, the length should be 20 to 25 feet. Don’t forget to press the start button, precise control is difficult and annoying.

      ✔  Durability:

The ladder must have a permanent structure before it can be used permanently. If it is metal, it should be good quality aircraft cast iron or aluminum. In addition, the ladder must be equipped with a certain protection device, such as B. with railing protection.

It is necessary to use advanced technologies such as SHOX to avoid damage caused by improper operation. SHOX is a cushioning system that provides a high level of protection and durability.

Tips to stay safe while using ceiling ladders

The ladder is essential for many home renovation and maintenance projects. Try cleaning drains, cleaning windows, replacing overhead light bulbs, or hanging hang Christmas lights without one.

Here are five tips to help you choose a ladder to help you run your project like a professional and stay safe and healthy:

      ✔  Selecting the perfect ladder that’s right for the job

This could be a two-meter-high ladder used to access ceiling lights to replace bulbs, a slender ladder to clean the drain on the second floor, or a special ladder bent 90 degrees to reach hard-to-reach areas. Entrance.

The ladder is designed to provide stability and productivity when climbing or standing. Using the wrong ladder or simply ignoring the restrictions of climbing equipment may cause a fall and be sent to the emergency room or worse.

      ✔  Select the proper weight load

The ladder is designed to safely bear a certain weight. There are different service categories for ladders, depending on their class and type. The use level is defined as the maximum allowable load on the ladder. A person in clothes adds the weight of all the tools and materials loaded on the ladder. The ladder must be less than the nominal load capacity.

      ✔  The height of the work determines the length of the ladder

It sounds simple, but the general rule of thumb is to never go over the third rung at the top of the ladder or the four rungs at the top of the retractable ladder. If you use a stepladder to climb the roof, it should protrude 3 feet. If a telescopic ladder is resting on a gutter or roofline, it should extend 1 foot above the roofline.

      ✔  Choose a ladder that is easy to navigate, move around corners, and store when, not in use

This thing bases on who is using the ladder and the strength of that person. The user should be comfortable while using the ladder, navigating it and move the ladder around anywhere. And also storing the ladder in a specific place when it’s not being used, is another important task. You have to keep it in a place that’s not disturbing to anyone, or blocking any important space.

      ✔  Using common-sense

The ladder is a common tool and can easily be taken for granted. Is it common sense to climb stairs safely? Well, more or less. Most of the 164,000 stairwell injuries that occur each year are preventable. Please think twice before going upstairs.

The “right way” to use a ladder includes:

  • Place the ladder on a sturdy surface.
  • Wear shoes with non-slip soles. Sports shoes are always a good choice.
  • Center your body on the ladder and keep your waist between the rails while maintaining a firm grip on the ladder. Don’t overreach or lean to one side.
  • Look up and down the stairs, walk step by step, lock one foot first, and then move the other foot.
  • Do not stand on the fourth rung of a retractable ladder or the three rungs on the ladder.
  • Do not place the foot of the ladder too close or too far away from the house.
  • Do not try to move the ladder when going up or up.
  • For high work, have one person hold the ladder at the bottom while the other one performs the task.
  • Move materials with extreme caution so as not to lose your balance. Don’t exceed the maximum weight of a ladder.

Why do we recommend those ceiling ladders?

According to our research and reviews, we have chosen the two best high ceiling ladders from our list.

The top of our list is Little Giant Ladders, Revolution, M22, 22 ft, Multi-Position Aluminum Ladder, (12022). This ladder is a multipurpose ladder. The reason we have chosen this ladder is this ladder can be used as a painting ladder’s high ceilings as well as a high ceiling attic ladder. And many more works such as electrical works, personal and professional works, cleaning works etc.

This ladder has some more amazing features too.

Such as:

  • Can be converted to 5 dimensions.
  • Very light weighted
  • The load capacity on both sides is 300 pounds.
  • Conforms to OSHA and ANSI safety standards.
  • Maximum extendable length of 22 ft.
  • It is designed with aviation-grade aluminum material.
  • Can be used around and on objects.

The 2nd best ladder on our list is Louisville Ladder FM1416HD Twin Front Stepladder.

This is another multi-dimensional ladder. This ladder is capable of doing all kinds of indoor and outdoor works possible. This ladder’s special features are:

  • Heavy-duty gusset bracing
  • Non-slip DaBoot boots.
  • Perfect for Industrial design too
  • Twin front step ladders allow two users to work on the same ladder simultaneously
  • Light-weighted
  • Internal distribution braces.
  • Strong reinforcement.

Both these ladders were chosen best for their multipurpose working quality. But the main feature of these ladders are they are two perfect indoor ladders for high ceilings.

Hopefully, our detailed description will guide you to make your best decision and finding your perfect ladder.

Frequently Asked Questions

𝓠: What is the best ladder for painting high ceilings?

➦ Platform Step ladders.

Up there as one of the best ladders for painting the ceiling is the humble platform step ladder. These ladders are ideal for painting ceilings because they come in a wide range of heights and they feature a useful platform at the top.

𝓠: What is the best way to paint high ceilings?

➦ Here are a few painting tips to take into consideration when painting your high ceilings.

  • Clear Out the Room.
  • Use Good Drop Cloths.
  • Use a Sturdy, Quality Ladder.
  • Use an Extension Handle for Your Paint Roller.
  • Choose the Right Paint Colors.
  • Add Trim with a High Ceiling.

𝓠: What is the best step ladder for high ceilings?

➦ In our opinion, the best step ladder for high ceiling is Little Giant Ladders, Revolution, M22, 22 ft, Multi-Position Aluminum Ladder, (12022).

𝓠: Which is the best ladder for a 19-foot ceiling?

➦ The best ladder for the 19-foot ceiling is Little Giant Ladders, Revolution, M22, 22 ft, Multi-Position Aluminum Ladder, (12022).

𝓠: What is the tall ladder for painting high ceilings?

➦ Multi-function articulating ladders, platform ladders and 6′ or taller stepladders are good options for painting projects. Avoid using a ladder that requires you to overextend yourself to reach where you’re painting. If this is the case, your ladder is too short. Never stand on the top three rungs.

𝓠: What is the scaffolding for painting high ceilings?

➦ In an average-sized room for faux finishes or other projects requiring swift movement across a wall, a small scaffolding can be built using two 4ft stepladders and a 10 or 12ft plank. For high ceilings in larger rooms, eight or 10-foot stepladders can be used to reach heights of up to 16 feet or so.

𝓠: What size ladder do I need for the vaulted ceiling?

➦ The size of the ladder will depend on the height of your celling. But usually, the size can be between 16-22 feet.

Final verdict

Finding the best ladder for high ceilings is one of the most difficult things to do. You have to consider a lot of factors. And you have to find a high ceiling ladder that can work in multi-dimension.

If the ladder is specialized in only one thing like a high ceiling loft ladder or tall ladder for painting high ceilings it can be a loss to your whole investment, because you might be looking for a ladder that can sum up all of your works as a tall indoor ladder.

But a lot of time investing in a multi-dimensional high ceiling ladder is not a wise decision if you have only one or two purposes to buy this ladder.

You should really analyze your whole house structure or the place you are going to work with your high ceiling ladder, or you can research what will be the best kind of ladder for the chores you are going to use it for.

Hopefully, the detailed guidance given by us will help you out through the whole process.

Thank you for reading.

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